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This overlay contains Container Linux specific packages and Gentoo packages that differ from their upstream Gentoo versions.

See the portage-stable repo for packages which do not have Container Linux specific changes.

Licensing information can be found in the respective files, so consult them directly. Most ebuilds are licensed under the GPL version 2.

Upstream Gentoo sources:

Important packages

coreos-base/coreos is the package responsible for everything that gets built into a production image and is not OEM specific.

coreos-base/coreos-dev is the package responsible for everything that gets built into a developer image and is not OEM specific.

coreos-devel/sdk-depends is the package responsible for everything that gets built into the Container Linux SDK.

coreos-devel/board-packages is everything that could be built into a development or production image, plus any OEM specific packages.

coreos-base/oem-* are the OEM specific packages. They mostly install things that belong in the OEM partition. Any RDEPENDS from these packages should be copied to the RDEPENDS in board-packages to ensure they are built.

coreos-base/coreos-oem-* are metapackages for OEM specific ACIs.


To update follow the following steps:

  • Remove or rename the whole folder of the package to prepare the import from upstream Gentoo, not only resetting the ebuild file but also any additional files like patches or downstream additions under files.
  • Run ~/trunk/src/scripts/update_ebuilds --portage_stable . CATEGORY/PACKAGE in the coreos-overlay folder to import a new version from upstream Gentoo. Drop the ebuild files that you don't plan to use.
  • Commit the changes with a message like CATEGORY/PACKAGE: Sync from Gentoo, and mention the the commit ID in the body (git show update_ebuilds/master).
  • Now find all downstream patches for the package by running git log CATEGORY/PACKAGE. If everybody followed the process of resetting before importing an upstream update, you only have to look for the commits after the last update and port them to the new version. Otherwise you have to compare the files manually to their upstream versions from older portage revisions.
  • You can combine all old and new downstream patches into a single new commit with the message CATEGORY/PACKAGE: Apply Flatcar patches to keep the number of commits to port low, or have separate commits. Make sure that you explain the changes and carry the explanations from old commits over, either in the commit message, through comments in the ebuild file, or through a in the folder.


package build scripts for Flatcar Container Linux, with custom overlay on kinvolk/portage-stable