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An Android library to assist with connectivity of your app.
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Functions to help with checking your app's online status

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implementation 'io.flatcircle:connectivityhelper:{version}'


Function Description Example
NetUtil.isProbablyOnline(context) Does a basic check to see if the device has a connected network of some kind Example Pings a given endpoint Example
NetUtil.getWifiInfo(context) Provides all wifi info, but requires location permission Example
NetUtil.getWifiInfoPartial(context) Provides all wifi info it can, but will omit ssid/bssid without location permission on Android 27+ Example


This library also comes with a ConnectionMonitor, which can be used to get active notifications about your app's connectivity status.

The ConnectionMonitor must be coupled with your Activity/Application's lifecycle like so:

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity(), StateChangeListener {

    lateinit var netMonitor: ConnectionMonitor

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

        netMonitor = ConnectionMonitor.Builder(applicationContext) // any context will do
                    .watchedConnections(ConnectionType.Cellular, ConnectionType.WiFi) // list of connections that will be watched by the monitor
                    .stateChangeListener(this) // optional interface for handling connectivity state changes
                    .timeBetweenPings(10000) // milliseconds between each ping to check online status
                    .endpoint("") // endpoint for pinging against. Default is Google, but that's unreliable in some countries.

        val isConnectedToWifi = netMonitor.isConnectedTo(ConnectionType.WiFi) // Determines if the app is currently connected to the given network type
        val isConnectedToCellular = netMonitor.isConnectedTo(ConnectionType.Cellular) // Determines if the app is currently connected to the given network type

        val connectionState = netMonitor.connectionState // the current connectionState, which can be Offline, ProbablyOnline, or Online

        when (connectionState) {
            ConnectionState.Offline -> {} // The app is not connected to any network with internet capability
            ConnectionState.ProbablyOnline -> {} // The app is connected to a network which claims to have internet
            ConnectionState.Online -> {} // The app is able to successfully resolve a call to the endpoint, at least within the last [timeBetweenPings] milliseconds

    override fun stateChange(state: ConnectionState) {
        // function from StateChangeListener, which receives all state changes

    override fun onDestroy() {
        netMonitor.clear() // netMonitor must be cleared for garbage collection
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