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Flathub is a service for hosting and distributing Flatpak applications that is under active development. If you are new to Flathub, you might want to start with the homepage.

Key links

v1 specification

Initial set of goals for the initial Flathub implementation, as agreed on 21 March:

  • Git tree containing recipes, or links to recipes
  • Review and CI pipeline to build the recipes
  • x86 and ARM V7/V8 builders
  • Team responsible for maintenance, support and licensing
  • PR workflow to make/review changes
  • Server hosting a repository, to distribute binaries
  • Single GPG key
  • Static website with: home page, contact details, disclaimers, download link for the repository .flatpakrepo file
  • Only distribute applications that are Free Software or that use "extra data" downloads at install time
  • Host application screenshots
  • GNOME Foundation to act as incubator: to provide legal organization and infrastructure
  • Archive distributed source code for license compliance
  • Contributor agreement for uploaders to carry liability for what they upload
  • Disclaimer that Flathub has no obligation to distribute anything
  • Build status and logs (could be Travis)


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