A web application to browse and install applications present in Flatpak repositories. Powers https://www.flathub.org
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Linux Store Frontend

This is a web application to browse and install applications present in Flatpak repositories. It began as a personal proof of concept but its used in https://flathub.org since April 2018.

The web app obtains data calling a remote REST API implemented in linux-store-backend

There is a development server were we test new stuff.

Running this app locally

This project was generated with Angular CLI

Steps to run this app locally:

  • Install Node.js LTS (8.11.X at this time) or newer. We find useful using nvm to install and manage multiple Node.js versions.
  • Update npm to version 6 (recommended)
    • npm i -g npm
  • Install angular-cli:
    • npm install -g @angular/cli
  • Install deps:
    • npm install
  • Run npm start for a dev server calling the remote linux-store-backend. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Hacking linux-store-frontend

linux-store-frontend is developed using:

I've been trying to make this app themable (still a work in progress) using the facilities provided by Angular Material. Read next links for more info:

To get started with hacking the app the following tools are very helpful:


  • Migrate from angular-mdl to angular-material2 using angular-flex-layout
  • Search apps by name, keywords, categories, ...
  • List available themes and runtimes
  • Pagination
  • Activity: events, ...

Bugs and feature requests

I welcome friendly issues and feature requests. Keep in mind that this is a personal project that I do in my spare time.