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Lutris on Flatpak

Lutris is an Open Source gaming platform for Linux. It installs and launches games so you can start playing without the hassle of setting up your games. This repository allows installing Lutris through Flatpak.


  1. Add Flathub Beta remote

    flatpak remote-add --user flathub-beta
    flatpak update --appstream
  2. Install Lutris Beta

    flatpak install --user flathub-beta net.lutris.Lutris//beta
  3. Install GNOME Compat and GL32 extensions

    flatpak install --user flathub org.gnome.Platform.Compat.i386 org.freedesktop.Platform.GL32.default org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default

    Make sure that you install the same branches as the ones used by net.lutris.Lutris, usually the latest ones.

    DO NOT confuse org.gnome.Platform.Compat.i386 with org.freedesktop.Platform.Compat.i386.


Launch Lutris Beta from your desktop menu, or via command line:

flatpak run net.lutris.Lutris//beta


To compile Lutris as a Flatpak, you'll need both Flatpak and Flatpak Builder installed. Once you manage that, do the following...

  1. Clone this repository and cd into it
  2. Add the git submodules
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  3. Add flathub-beta remote (same as in "Installation" section)
  4. Compile the flatpak
    flatpak-builder --repo=lutris --force-clean --install-deps-from=flathub-beta  --user build-dir net.lutris.Lutris.yml
  5. Add the local repo and install the flatpak
    flatpak remote-add --user lutris lutris --no-gpg-verify
    flatpak install --user lutris net.lutris.Lutris


To enable MangoHud support simply install

flatpak install flathub org.freedesktop.Platform.VulkanLayer.MangoHud

Clean up

flatpak uninstall --user net.lutris.Lutris
rm -rf ~/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris .flatpak-builder
flatpak remote-delete lutris

Known issues

  • 32-bit extensions aren't installed automatically

  • Destination Directory in ~/Games Cannot Be Found

    Both of these issues are solved by installing the version of

    flatpak install --user flathub org.gnome.Platform.Compat.i386

    which corresponds to the GNOME runtime used by net.lutris.Lutris. If net.lutris.Lutris was installed without the --user flag, consider not using it for the extension.

  • Lutris cannot detect my custom Games folder Related issue: #79

    Add the adequate filesystem override, and consider if the --user flag should be used

    flatpak override --user --filesystem=/path/to/your/Folder net.lutris.Lutris