Blacksmith should not assume index.html completion #18

jfhbrook opened this Issue Dec 5, 2011 · 1 comment


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jfhbrook commented Dec 5, 2011

Quote from Bradley:

Currently we assume index.html completion for servers, which while using Apache, node-http-server, etc. is viable, pushing content to a CDN for static sites is a common solution that may not support directory forwarding to index.html.

I'm not actually sure what needs to change in blacksmith to allow for this use case.


I think the problem is that the hrefs created by Blacksmith are not terminated by slashes. For example, this is an href created by Blacksmith:
href="/research-agenda">research agenda
Apache is smart enough to first look for a file called "/research-agenda" and when that fails it next looks for "/research-agenda/index.html" which succeeds. Unfortunately, nginx, for example, does not do this and fails to find research-agenda/index.html. So, in these cases the hrefs created by Blacksmith should be terminated by slashes.

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