Clear documentation on blacksmith requirements can reduce invalid bugs along the road #85

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taboca commented Jan 18, 2013

I have patched your documentation changing slightly the sections so it is clear that it is important to have a directory structure before executing "blacksmith /path/to/site" I have noticed about 3 bugs that I feel may have existed because of the docs problem:


cronopio commented Feb 3, 2013


cbebry commented May 17, 2013

I was about to make another issue if I didn't find others with the same problem -- as I encountered this as well.

It's been 4 months since this pull request. Is there a reason why it isn't merged or addressed? Or made clearer in the documentation?

I'd love to try out Blacksmith, but the documentation leaves me with a lot of questions. Like a couple of others in the issues page, I haven't yet been able to make this work because I figured Blacksmith would generate the necessary files + some example pages.

This open pull request makes me wonder if this project is still alive at all :(

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