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can cli-easy wait for async data to test with? #2

orlin opened this Issue May 27, 2012 · 0 comments

1 participant

Orlin M Bozhinov
Orlin M Bozhinov
orlin commented May 27, 2012

Sometimes I need to match against async data. For example coming from a child_process.exec but perhaps also an http request or whatever. CLIeasy likes to be at the top level so vows can find it. When nested in a callback, it produces: "Could not find any tests to run".

Here is where the data comes from. I can't nest the module.exports either, so I ended up using a stream.

Could there be any kind of before hook, or a way to make cli-easy listen for the "ready" event to fire -- before running the tests?

Perhaps another option could be synchronize - there is a Mocha example at the bottom, I don't quite see how to use that with Vows...

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