Front page example fails on windows #61

dscape opened this Issue May 10, 2012 · 4 comments


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dscape commented May 10, 2012
var flatiron = require('flatiron'),
    app =;

app.use(flatiron.plugins.cli, {
  dir: __dirname,
  usage: [
    'This is a basic flatiron cli application example!',
    'hello - say hello to somebody.'

app.cmd('hello', function () {
  app.prompt.get('name', function (err, result) {'hello ''!');


@dscape Have you confirmed that this isn't a node.js core bug?


@dscape what's the status with this?

pkrefta commented Jul 8, 2012

I've tested this today on almost clean Win XP SP3 with Nodel.js and everything works fine.


@coderarity @blakmatrix one of you can confirm this? you guys have windows

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