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Reflect HTML forms from Resourceful resources.

Warning: Formful is a very young project. You might find it's still rough around the edges. Act accordingly!


 npm install formful


  • Zero-configuration HTML form generation with optional backend
  • Full Resourceful resource integration ( persistence / validation / schema )
  • Built with Twitter Bootstrap and Viewful

Online Demo


Define resource(s)

var resourceful = require('resourceful'),
    Creature    = resourceful.define('creature');'type', String, { default: "dragon" });'email', String, { format: "email" });'life', Number, { default: 10, min: 0, max: 20 });

additional API documentation for defining resources

As a stand-alone server

var formful = require('formful');
formful.createServer([Creature]).listen(8000, function () {
  console.log(' > formful server started on port 8000');

Here is a code example of using formful as a stand-alone server:


Formful will respect Resourceful validation through revalidator. Not all property types and formats are fully implemented in Formful yet, but they are all coming soon.

Here is an example of trying to create a new creature without a valid email. Bad creature!


Formful persists to data-providers using Resourceful. You can find more information about Resourceful here.

Customization of forms

As of the formful v0.1.0 release, form customization is not so awesome. This will be improved soon.

The form View is created by the viewful library and is a viewful.View instance. Viewful provides a rich set of features including support for 22 different JavaScript templating engines.

Currently, all forms and form components are stored as plain html files. Formful currently uses no templating engine. All rendering and data-binding is currently handled through a Presenter for each view. This is not ideal, and will be changing soon.


 npm test


  • Add integration tests for all browsers ( coming very soon )
  • Make isomorphic ( blocked by Viewful )
  • Full revalidator property type support ( numeric, boolean, array, object )
  • Better Twitter Bootstrap component integration / styling
  • Replace all string concats
  • Implement Flatiron plugin / Add Flatiron example
  • Fully implement relational resources