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Better common.js support #96

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Currently we do a common.js check that includes testing the existence of module.exports but this property is node specific and does follow the common.js modules specification.

This prevents common.js compliant environments such as Wakanda to use plates. An easy fix would be changing:

var Plates = (typeof module !== 'undefined' && typeof module.exports !== 'undefined' && typeof exports !== 'undefined') ? exports : {};

In to:

var Plates = (typeof module !== 'undefined' && typeof !== 'undefined' && typeof exports !== 'undefined') ? exports : {};

The change here is to check against instead of module.exports. The is required by the common.js specification and exists in Node.js and other common.js environments.

edit Testing against a require.paths would not work either, as support for that has been removed in the current node versions.


Just tested you modification in Wakanda and it is working !
Thank you very much !

@3rd-Eden 3rd-Eden closed this in 0d1638e
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