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[minor] A few fixes to the copy in the README.

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@@ -158,20 +158,20 @@ and `prompt.delimiter` to change the appearance of your prompt.
The basic structure of a prompt is this:
``` js
-prompt.message + prompt.delimiter + property.message + property.delimiter;
+prompt.message + prompt.delimiter + property.message + prompt.delimiter;
The default `prompt.message` is "prompt," the default `prompt.delimiter` is
": ", and the default `property.message` is ``.
Changing these allows you to customize the appearance of your prompts! In
-addition, node-prompt supports ansi codes via the
+addition, node-prompt supports ANSI color codes via the
[colors module]( for custom colors. For a
very colorful example:
``` js
var prompt = require("prompt");
-// The colors module adds color properties to prototype.String
+// The colors module adds color properties to String.prototype

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