cursor position error with multibyte string descriptions #50

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schema =
            description: '用户名'
            pattern: /^[a-zA-Z\s\-]+$/
            message: '用户名必须由字母、空格、横线组成'
            required: true
            description: '密码'
            required: true
            hidden: true


prompt: 用户名d
prompt: 密码:
{ username: 'd', password: 'a' }

and i have another question:
How to remove the prefix of each line such as "prompt: " "error: ". or place them with other strings


I seem to remember this being an issue with node.js core. I can't remember if it's been fixed or not. May I ask which version of node you are running?

As for the logger, it is actually a Winston.logger instance.


You can find documentation for Winston here :


I'm using node 0.8.7.

a decoupled application framework member

Fixed in latest versions of node:

The second question is fixed as of #61 by disabling prompt.message.

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