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Return proper error objects instead regular objects / arrays / strings. #123

jsdalton opened this Issue · 5 comments

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It would be great if this library returned Error objects with useful types and functionality (e.g. ValidationError, DatabaseError) instead of just objects and/or arrays as present.

Here's a great example of how the present implementation creates a pain point:

var resourceful = require('resourceful');

// Caution: Script creates db named 'test_dummy'
resourceful.use('couchdb', { database: 'test_dummy' });

var db = resourceful.connection.connection;

var Author = resourceful.define('author');
Author.string('name', { required: true });

db.create(function (err, result) {
    id: 'Marak',
    name: 'Marak',
  }, function(err, marak){ = undefined;

    // Save resource fails because of validation error, result){
      console.log(err); // [ { attribute: 'required', property: 'name', expected: true, actual: undefined, message: 'is required' } ] = 'Marak';
      db.destroy(function (err, result) {

        // Save resource fails because db does not exist, result) {
          console.log(err); // { error: 'not_found', reason: 'no_db_file', status: 404 }
          db.destroy(function(err, result) {});

Note that the save() method on the resource returns an array of objects on a validation error and a different object on a database error. Now imagine you're coding up an API controller that has to determine whether to return a 400 in the case of a validation error and a 500 for a database failure. The logic to make that determination would be quite awkward and ugly.

I'll observe that Mongoose returns custom error objects in situations like this ( and I've certainly read plenty of arguments in support of this approach (

I also have a Python background so I'm used to making liberal use of exceptions. You guys might have your reasons for the way things are now, so this is just a feature suggestion.


Express will not handle correctly with these plain objects. Won't send them to global error handlers. Wried!


I think this can be fixed almost entirely in cradle flatiron/cradle#216


There are more than one database solution than cradle...... not to mention a large group of people are using other DBs like mongo and mysql.


resourceful may be the most "resourceful" module in flatiron series. Hope it will get better and more active.

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