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Relationship type expected ['string',null] actual 'object' #15

slaskis opened this Issue Nov 15, 2011 · 2 comments

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slaskis commented Nov 15, 2011

When defining a relationship like this:

this.Article = resourceful.define('article', function () {'name', String);

this.Category = resourceful.define('category', function () {'name', String);

it fails with a validation error when a Category is created alone a it has no linked Article (i.e. the article_id is null).

After some debugging i figured out that it was either of these problems:

  1. The relationships parent type is by default defined as: [String,null] where typeof null will be translated to 'object' which in turn makes it fail. Solution would be to change the type to ['string','null'] or [String,'null'].

  2. Revalidator (will post a issue/pull request there too) expects the types to be strings but does not enforce it so this section will always be ignored unless it's a string.

slaskis commented Nov 15, 2011

Personally I think prefer solution 2. that the validator should be fixed.

@indutny indutny added a commit that closed this issue Nov 15, 2011
@indutny indutny [resource] stringify types w/o constructors
* fix tests
* fixes #15
@indutny indutny closed this in e261eb4 Nov 15, 2011
indutny commented Nov 15, 2011

Thanks, fixed

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