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Marak commented Jul 22, 2012

People apparently enjoy using MongoDB.

We should add first-class support to Resourceful for MongoDB.

We should try to collaborate with @codebrew and his project, or we should just write our own.


pksunkara commented Jul 22, 2012

It would be better if we can work with @codebrew to move that resourceful-mongo.js file into our engines folder and modify it accordingly.

I'm the author of resourceful-mongo, I stopped using mongo for all of my current projects, so I don't have much interest in keeping up with resourceful-mongo. It would be great if you guys wanted to take it over from me. I could transfer the repo over to you or at least add you as a collab. resourceful-mongo took me something like an hour to whip up without knowing anything about how resourceful worked. I'm sure you guys could write a better version in a short amount of time.


coderarity commented Jul 22, 2012



Marak commented Jul 23, 2012

@ryanfitz - Aight sounds good. I'm curious, what are you using instead of Mongo now?

@coderarity - Do you want to take lead on this? Maybe start by adding all the tests for the mongo engine?

@Marak Im using a combination of redis, postgres and a decent amount of dynamoDB. I also wrote a node driver for dynamo


pksunkara commented Jul 23, 2012

@coderarity If you are taking the lead on this, you need to make sure that all the current tests (engines-test.js, relationship-test.js) passes for the new mongo engine.


Marak commented Aug 14, 2012

@coderarity - Is there a status on the mongo branch? People have been inquiring.


Marak commented Aug 23, 2012

Bumped to high priority. looks like a good start, but it needs to be finished.

Needs to have a mongodb.js file added to for loading the engine in the engines-test. The existing test suite should take over from there.


coderarity commented Aug 23, 2012

Just need tests to pass, I think.


Marak commented Aug 23, 2012

Resource.load is required for tests to pass and it seems we are missing it:

Does mongo not have a way to bulk upload data?

If not, you'll to do an async create.

svasva commented Jan 8, 2013

Is there any progress on this?

I'm also interested in this.

ostera commented May 12, 2013



The last commit on the mongodb engine branch has been 10 months ago, are there any plans to get this working anytime soon at all?


Marak commented May 25, 2013

Flatiron is "mostly done" so I'd suggest trying something like which has full mongo support via JugglingDB

Marak closed this May 25, 2013

thanks for clearing that up @Marak, you might want to reference and close #117 as well and maybe update the readme as it states mongodb support but doesn't clarify that only couchdb is integrated out of the box.


Marak commented May 25, 2013

I haven't had admin rights to Flatiron in 10 months, so I can't close that pull request.


indexzero commented May 28, 2013

@juliankrispel I'll bug @coderarity this week to merge it in. We've been building things with Flatiron (e.g., the last year or so, but ramping up for some long overdue maintenance this summer.


Marak commented May 30, 2013

I'm sure it's hard to keep track, but @coderarity hasn't worked for Nodejitsu or Flatiron in months.

@indexzero it would be quite something if it were to happen! 👍

PS: hi Charlie I just noticed that it was you, I remember talking to you and drawing you at dot.js last year :D, small world...

👍 waiting to see what comes of mongodb support.


coderarity commented Jun 2, 2013

I can confirm, as @Marak has stated, that I haven't been writing javascript for a few months since I quit working for Nodejitsu. I am no longer working on this.

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