Changes in preparation for version 0.3.0 #89

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In preparation of the resourceful 0.3.0 release, this pull request contains the following changes:

  • Fixes unique key issue #83
  • Fixes nasty reference bug and cache issue in memory engine #87 #78
  • Fixes several issues related to relationships and relational resources
  • Made resourceful more engine agnostic
    • Cleaned up Resource._request
    • Decoupled any remaining couchdb logic from core
    • Decoupled any remaining couchdb logic from memory engine
  • Refactor of test suite
    • Relationship tests are now unified across engines
    • Improves general resource coverage
    • Improves fixtures and re-usable macros
  • Changes default primary key for resources from _id to id
  • Added several basic code /examples/

After reviewing and merging this request, we'll update the documentation and do the 0.3.0 release.


Shouldn't the above 3 be prepended by book?

{ _id: 'book/bob/1' //...
{ _id: 'book/tim/1' //...
{ _id: 'book/bob/2' //...

I think so, yes.

If you have a resource with multiple children, their ids will conflict if not pre-pended with their resource name.

I'm going to expand coverage for relationships tests first, then will update this accordingly.


Here t = t[t.length-1] is wrong. It should be

t = t.slice(1).join('/');

Take nodejitsu for example, we store the app document as username/appname, so when we prefix it with app, the doc id becomes app/username/appname in which case taking the last item in split array is wrong.

Agreed. Good catch.

I'll update the test coverage and fix this.


Same here as mentioned above

res[r]._id = res[r]._id.slice(1).join('/');

shouldn't articles be prefixed by article instead of author ?

No, read the code.

There's no need to prefix the resource name to the _id when using the new API calls, since the function is already aware it's inside the context of that resource.

yeah, sorry, kinda missed it.


What's the reason for not testing the memory engine in this test?

Seems like we should be testing that.

pksunkara added some commits Jul 2, 2012
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Finished fixture and models for all kinds of cases 0bdc42f
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Finished tests for listing and creating children 5f90fef
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Sometimes memory engine is getting tested instead of couchdb 259c353
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Added tests for listing and creating children from the Parent …
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Finished testing all the relationship methods and destroying e…

Still need to test the cascading destruction
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Append resource name when child is requested directly 787c1bc
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Added factory.lowerResource to avoid many calls toLowerCase
Also fixed some indentation error
@pksunkara pksunkara [refactor] Refactored Couchdb._byParent method to use factory.get
Removed unneccessary usage of filter for byParent method when we
can easily get the parent obj and get that children list
@pksunkara pksunkara [test fix] Fix some typo bugs in relationship tests 3221a21
@pksunkara pksunkara [refactor][fix] Change createChild and fix bug in notifyParent b130580
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Disable buggy cache for the meanwhile bf82f0b
@pksunkara pksunkara [test fix] Fix one more typo in tests e7997e9
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Change all toLowerCase to lowerResource 19bc82d
@pksunkara pksunkara [api] Implemented cascading destruction but need to fix some scopes e99e621
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Test to make sure atleast the children are destroyed 3aeec9b
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Make sure Factory.key respects engine's wishes 5ac327a
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Use resource.key to make resource methods a bit agnostic 3218c36
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Replace all hardcoded id keys with resource.key 2493d1e
@pksunkara pksunkara [major] Cleaned up _request and made basic method agnostic with couchdb 3a1ab10
@pksunkara pksunkara Merge branch 'agnostic' into couchids 6964dba
@pksunkara pksunkara [test minor] Make tests agnostic using Factory.key f393bc5
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Made cache use JSON encoding & decoding
Also enabled caching in Resource._request
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Made use of JSON encoding & decoding in memory engine
Also, now engines-test.js and relationships-test.js
tests memory engine too
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Check if a parent already exists before appending 7d5a31c
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Tests for cascading destruction 3050990
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Fix a bug when parent_id is null c4015ae
@pksunkara pksunkara [test fix] Unregister previous engine resources 8a5aec0
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix test] Fixed bug in destroy hook when parent is null
Added tests for creating and destroying of forums
(self-parent) resources
@pksunkara pksunkara [test] Move all uses of _id to id 4f7f7b1
@pksunkara pksunkara [minor] Use id for public API in couchdb engine 14744af
@pksunkara pksunkara [examples] Update all examples wrt to new api fc0671e
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Fixed a bug which save .id in couchdb engine fbbb305
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Remove temp hack from Resource.view and add filter tests back 6cf7553
@pksunkara pksunkara [fix] Convert _id to id in couch views 1e31dad
a decoupled application framework member

@Marak do we still store the ._rev in the document?


Default, We don't store ._rev in the document. We store it only if it is provided by couchdb engine. You might want to change #90 regarding this.

a decoupled application framework member

I've been giving this more thought and #90 should land in resourceful@0.2.2 before we publish 0.3.0


ok with me if you want to release resourceful@0.2.3

a decoupled application framework member

Will do

a decoupled application framework member

#90 has been merged and published in resourceful@0.2.2


Unless anyone has any objections, this is getting merged into master over the weekend.

@Marak Marak merged commit 680b02c into master Jul 17, 2012
a decoupled application framework member

@Marak Looks like we might have a bad merge here: why is this in the commit history twice?

History is messed up, fix it if you want. I don't know how.

Code should all be working.

a decoupled application framework member

Looking back at the commit history I think this merge may have corrupted the commit history for previous versions. @Marak did you rebase? Or did this get straight-up merged in?

What I'm seeing is that commits from this branch are interlaced with commits during the 0.2.0 - 0.2.2 timeframe. SInce these commits did not get published in these versions I'm trying to figure out what went wrong.

a decoupled application framework member

Digging in here the history for the 0.2.x tags does not include these commits which is really all we want to preserve a good history.

e.g. v0.2.2...master

Still curious if you rebased or not.


I can fix the history. But the question is do we want to fix it and force publish v0.3.0 again?

a decoupled application framework member

@pksunkara No. The tags have the correct history so this is fine.

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