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@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ This will return with a value indicating if the `obj` conforms to the `schema`.
* __validateFormats__: Enforce format constraints (_default true_)
* __validateFormatsStrict__: When `validateFormats` is _true_ treat unrecognized formats as validation errors (_default false_)
* __validateFormatExtensions__: When `validateFormats` is _true_ also validate formats defined in `validate.formatExtensions` (_default true_)
+* __cast__: Enforce casting of some types (for integers/numbers are only supported) when it's possible, e.g. `"42" => 42`, but `"forty2" => "forty2"` for the `integer` type.
### Schema
For a property an `value` is that which is given as input for validation where as an `expected value` is the value of the below fields

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