'required' rule validates properly only if a property is not present. #32

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'required' fails to validate only if the validated property is not present in the object, not when it's empty. Please see the following jsfiddle for an example (inspect in console): http://jsfiddle.net/CAc94/1/

EDIT: Sorry, jsfiddle might now validate properly, since I think I fixed it in my forked version.


That is intentional. If you want to check against strings being empty, you should use minLength: 1.

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pksunkara, did you delete my comment about the design decision? Why?


what? No. I dont do that stuff.

Actually, I did not receive your comment at all in my notifications. You sure you submitted?


Hey. I was sure until I read your comment. Must've gotten lost in the interwebs.

I wanted to comment that from design perspective, it'd be helpful to have 'required' validate the presence of a value, not the property. Additionally, I'd have a flag that would then force it to validate the presence of a property. Just my $.02


@indexzero Can you decide on this?

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See: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-zyp-json-schema-03#section-5.7

5.7.  required

   This attribute indicates if the instance must have a value, and not
   be undefined.  This is false by default, making the instance

The empty string is not undefined. So this would break JSONSchema compatibility which is a primary goal.

@seangarner seangarner added a commit to seangarner/revalidator that referenced this issue Feb 5, 2014
@seangarner seangarner revert #53 to fix empty string usecase
#53 changed behaviour of `required` so that an empty string wasn't acceptable which was in contra to advice in #32.

Resolve #53 by adding allowEmpty property which checks for empty strings.
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