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Few small test fixes #30

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Hi guys,

I tried Filatiron and it turned out that two tests didn't pass - both required to add index.js because I've encoutered "Cannot find module" message. I've also removed console.log from one of the because it waa whole request object into console.


Which tests weren't passing? I want to understand why we need these index.js files.


Sorry for alarm - I didn't noticed that tests have passed despite this two errors - vows sad 2 errored. These messages were generated by ecstatic-test.js when I was whole test suite with vows test/* -i - howewer running only this test doesn't raise any errors.

@pksunkara pksunkara merged commit f771e13 into from
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1  test/after-test.js
@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ function stream_callback(cb) {
var stream = new union.ResponseStream();
stream.once("pipe", function (req) {
- console.log(req);
return cb ? cb(null,req) : undefined;
0  test/fixtures/index.js
No changes.
0  test/helpers/index.js
No changes.
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