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Add some info about serializable fns and dropping of 1.2.1 support.

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@@ -15,10 +15,15 @@ welcome!
## Usage
+As of the 0.6.0 release, clojail is no longer compatible with Clojure 1.2.1.
+You should absolutely be using the latest version of clojail though so please
+do not stick with old versions. It's time to upgrade boys and girls.
You can get this library from clojars via Leiningen.
-First, add `[clojail "0.5.0"]` to your
-project.clj. After that, just run `lein deps`.
+First, go to [clojars]( and see what the latest version is.
+Next, add it to your project.clj. After that, just run `lein deps`.
Because clojail employs the JVM's built in sandboxing, you'll need to
have a `~/.java.policy` file to define permissions for your own
@@ -109,6 +114,18 @@ package? Fine:
Now you have a tester that will scream rape if someone tries to
execute code using any classes from the reflect package.
+#### Serializable functions
+As of the 0.6.0 release of clojail, you can put functions in testers with the caveat that
+they must be serializable. This means you have to use [serializable-fn](
+It is nice in that it can even serialize (most) closures correctly, so as long as your fns
+are not too complex, they should work just fine.
+This allows for some added flexibility. An example of this new feature is the new `blanket` function
+in `clojail.testers`. It allows you to blanket blacklist all namespaces under a common prefix.
+It looks up the namespaces on the classpath using [bultitude](
+and adds serializable functions to the tester to check for the prefix itself.
## Warning
We can't promise that clojail will be entirely secure at any given

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