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Only evaluate the tester once in the sandbox. MASSIVE speedup.

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1 parent 4d3f58f commit e8dba2d0ba72ad82576875e02be3492266db0933 @Raynes Raynes committed Sep 4, 2012
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  1. +12 −8 src/clojail/core.clj
20 src/clojail/core.clj
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
{alias enum})))
(defn thunk-timeout
- "Takes a function and an amount of time to wait for the function to finish
+ "Takes a function and an amount of time to wait for thse function to finish
executing. The sandbox can do this for you. unit is any of :ns, :us, :ms,
or :s which correspond to TimeUnit/NANOSECONDS, MICROSECONDS, MILLISECONDS,
and SECONDS respectively."
@@ -128,12 +128,12 @@
(defn- make-dot
"Returns a safe . macro."
- [tester-str]
+ [tester-sym]
`(defmacro ~'dot [object# method# & args#]
- `(let [~'tester-obj# (binding [*read-eval* true] (eval (read-string ~~tester-str)))
- ~'obj# ~object#
+ `(let [~'obj# ~object#
~'obj-class# (class ~'obj#)]
- (if-let [~'bad# (some (partial clojail.core/unsafe? ~'tester-obj#) [~'obj-class# ~'obj# (.getPackage ~'obj-class#)])]
+ (if-let [~'bad# (some (partial clojail.core/unsafe? ~~tester-sym)
+ [~'obj-class# ~'obj# (.getPackage ~'obj-class#)])]
(clojail.core/security-exception ~'bad#)
(. ~object# ~method# ~@args#)))))
@@ -163,8 +163,11 @@
(binding [*ns* nspace
*read-eval* false]
(let [bindings (or bindings {})
- code `(do ~(make-dot tester-str)
- ~(ensafen code))]
+ tester-sym (gensym "tester")
+ code `(do (def ~tester-sym (binding [*read-eval* true]
+ (read-string ~tester-str)))
+ ~(make-dot tester-sym)
+ ~(ensafen code))]
(with-bindings bindings (jvm-sandbox #(eval code) context))))))
(defn set-security-manager
@@ -268,4 +271,5 @@ IllegalStateException; other exceptions will be thrown unchanged."
:else (throw (repackage cause)))))))))
(with-in-str str
- (safe-read))))
+ (safe-read))))

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