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(ns lazybot.plugins.logger
(:use [lazybot registry]
[clj-time.core :only [now from-time-zone time-zone-for-offset]]
[clj-time.format :only [unparse formatters]]
[ :only [file]]
[clojure.string :only [join]]
[compojure.core :only [routes]]
[ :only [html5]])
(:require [compojure.core :refer [GET]]
(:import [ File]))
(defn config
"Returns the current config."
(-> lazybot.core/bots
(defn servers
"Returns a list of all servers with logging enabled."
([] (servers (config)))
(map key (filter (fn [[server config]]
(and (string? server)
(some #{"logger"} (:plugins config))))
(defn channels
"Returns a list of all channels on a given server."
([server] (channels (config) server))
([config server]
(get-in config [server :log])))
(defn log-dir
"The log directory for a particular server and channel, if one exists."
([server channel] (log-dir (config) server channel))
([config server channel]
(let [short-channel (apply str (remove #(= % \#) channel))]
(when (get-in config [server :log channel])
(file (:log-dir (config server)) server short-channel)))))
(defn log-files
"A list of log files for a server and channel."
[server channel]
(when-let [dir (log-dir server channel)]
(filter #(re-matches #".+\.txt" (.getName %))
(.listFiles dir))))
(defn date-time [opts]
;; What? Why doesn't clj-time let you unparse times in a timezone other than GMT?
(let [offset (or (:time-zone-offset opts) -6)
time (from-time-zone (now) (time-zone-for-offset (- offset)))]
[(unparse (formatters :date) time)
(unparse (formatters :hour-minute-second) time)]))
(defn log-message [{:keys [com bot nick channel message action?]}]
(let [config (:config @bot)
server (:server @com)]
(when-let [log-dir (log-dir config server channel)]
(let [[date time] (date-time config)
log-file (file log-dir (str date ".txt"))]
(.mkdirs log-dir)
(spit log-file
(if action?
(format "[%s] *%s %s\n" time nick message)
(format "[%s] %s: %s\n" time nick message))
:append true)))))
(defn link
"Link to a logger URI."
[name & parts]
(let [uri (join "/" (cons "/logger"
(map clj-http.util/url-encode parts)))]
[:a {:href uri} name]))
(def error-404
{:status 404
:headers {}
:body "These are not the logs you're looking for."})
(defn layout
"Takes a hiccup document, wraps it with the layout, and renders the resulting
HTML to a string. Passes through hashmaps directly."
[title content]
(if (map? content)
[:title title]]
[:body content])))
(defn file-index
"A Ring response for a specific log file."
[server channel file]
(let [file (first (filter #(= file (.getName %))
(log-files server channel)))]
(when file
{:status 200
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain; charset=UTF-8"}
:body file})))
(defn channel-index
"A hiccup doc describing logs on a server and channel."
[server channel]
(when (log-dir server channel)
(let [logs (map #(.getName %) (log-files server channel))]
[:h1 "Logs for " channel " on " server]
(->> logs
(sort (fn [a b] (compare b a)))
(map (fn [log] [:li (link log server channel log)])))]))))
(defn server-index
"A hiccup doc describing logs on a server."
(when (some #{server} (servers))
[:h2 "Channels on " server]
(map (fn [channel]
[:li (link channel server channel)])
(channels server))])))
(defn index
"Renders an HTTP index of available logs."
(layout "IRC Logs"
(cons [:h1 "All channel logs"]
(mapcat server-index (servers)))))
(def pathreg #"[^\/]+")
(:routes (routes
(GET "/logger" req (index req))
(GET ["/logger/:server" :server pathreg] [server]
(layout server (server-index server)))
(GET ["/logger/:server/:channel"
:server pathreg
:channel pathreg]
[server channel]
(layout (str server channel)
(channel-index server channel)))
(GET ["/logger/:server/:channel/:file"
:server pathreg
:channel pathreg
:file pathreg]
[server channel file]
(file-index server channel file))
(constantly error-404)))
(:hook :on-message #'log-message)
(fn [com bot channel message action?]
(log-message {:com com :bot bot :channel channel :message message
:nick (:name @com) :action? action?})
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