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An IRC bot written in Clojure.
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# sexpbot

My answer to clojurebot. A likely horribly designed IRC bot written in Clojure. This is my biggest project at the moment, and it's been all sorts of fun to write. It uses the Pircbot Java framework for low-level IRC connection handling, and uses multimethods for dispatch for commands. It's most prominent feature is likely the sandboxed Clojure code evaluation.

## Usage

Right now, there are no distributions, so the easiest way to run the bot is to clone the repository, do 'lein deps' to install the project's dependencies into the lib/ directory, and then edit src/sexpbot/core.clj to put whatever channels you want to join, the server, and the name of your bot in there, and then run the sexpbot startup script in the root of this directory.

I'll be adding a list of commands soon, and I'll also be making it easier to set up the bot and such.

## Thanks

Thanks to Licenser from #clojure for writing such a wonderful sandbox library, which made my bot's Clojure code evaluation possible. Me and him have spent hours on end finding bugs and improving clj-sandbox's code. As my bot evolved, so has clj-sandbox.

Thanks to psyckotic from #clojure and #clojure-casual for giving tons of ideas and feedback on the bot.

Thanks for programble from #() for contributing a plugin, and possibly more in the future.

Thanks to everybody in #() for feedback, ideas, and all around support.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank the academy f... Oh, wait...

## License

Licensed under the same thing Clojure is licensed under. The EPL, of which you can find a copy of here: and at the root of this directory.
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