Read this before writing your plugin

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If you are not part of the core lazybot team, there are some things you should take into account before you write your plugin.

Lazybot comes with a large set of plugins that have mostly been developed by the core team. If you write a plugin that you would like included with this core batch of plugins, you're welcome to shoot a pull request with details about your plugin and why you think it would be a useful addition to the core set. If you decide to take this route, and we agree that the plugin is a useful addition, it can be included with lazybot in the main lazybot repository as long as it is licensed under the EPL or under a compatible license. If this plugin grows any bugs that you do not fix, or if you do not maintain this plugin and keep it up-to-date with changes to lazybot over a long period of time, your plugin may be removed from lazybot. Otherwise, we may maintain it ourselves on some level.

The other option, which would be the better option for more complex plugins and plugins that you intend to evolve and work with over time, is to create your own repository for your own plugin, and simply provide a jar of the plugin for usage with lazybot. If you plan to depend on libraries that lazybot doesn't already depend on, you'll have to do this. Since lazybot only requires that your namespace be a lazybot.plugins.* namespace, your code only needs to call defplugin and be on the classpath (possibly in a jar) for lazybot to find it when specified in configuration. If you go this route, you can do whatever you want with your plugin, because it'll always be separate from the main lazybot repo.

Either way, the primary point here is that we make no promise to maintain your plugin.