Leiningen plugin for compiling google protocol buffers.
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lein-protobuf is a Leiningen plugin for compiling Google Protobuf .proto files into Java .class files. It can be used with or without clojure-protobuf, which is a Clojure wrapper around the Java protobuf API.

Getting started

Add the following to your project.clj file:

:plugins [[lein-protobuf "0.4.2"]]

Replace "0.4.2" with the actual latest version, which you can find at http://clojars.org/lein-protobuf.

Note: lein-protobuf requires at least version 2.0 of Leiningen.


By default, lein-protobuf looks for .proto files in resources/proto in your project directory. This was chosen as the default location so that .proto files would also be included in your jar files. You can change this with:

:proto-path "path/to/proto"

To compile all .proto files in this directory, just run:

lein protobuf

You can also compile specific proto files with:

lein protobuf file1.proto file2.proto

We also add a hook to Leiningen's compile task, so .proto files will automatically be compiled before that task runs. So if you like, you can simply run:

lein compile

Getting Help

If you have any questions or need help, you can find us on IRC in #flatland.