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Make adjoin into a protocol.

This paves the way for other types (eg protobufs) providing
optimized implementations of adjoin.
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1 parent 9268968 commit 623b11c368d949cc1329945b5415c0b36665aa21 @amalloy amalloy committed Apr 23, 2012
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  1. +31 −17 src/useful/utils.clj
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
(:use [clojure.walk :only [walk]]
[useful.fn :only [decorate ignoring-nils fix]]
[ :only [symbol-macrolet]])
- (:import clojure.lang.IDeref))
+ (:import (clojure.lang IDeref ISeq IPersistentMap IPersistentSet IPersistentCollection)))
(defn invoke
"Like clojure.core/apply, but doesn't expand/splice the last argument."
@@ -63,30 +63,44 @@
(defn into-set
"Update the given set using an existence map."
[set map]
- (reduce (fn [set [k v]] ((if v conj disj) set k))
- set map))
-(defn adjoin
- "Merge two data structures by combining the contents. For maps, merge recursively by
+ (if (map? map)
+ (reduce (fn [set [k v]] ((if v conj disj) set k))
+ set map)
+ (into set map)))
+(defprotocol Adjoin
+ (adjoin [left right]
+ "Merge two data structures by combining the contents. For maps, merge recursively by
adjoining values with the same key. For collections, combine the right and left using
into or conj. If the left value is a set and the right value is a map, the right value
is assumed to be an existence map where the value determines whether the key is in the
merged set. This makes sets unique from other collections because items can be deleted
- from them."
- [left right]
- (cond (map? left)
- (merge-with adjoin left right)
+ from them."))
+(extend-protocol Adjoin
+ IPersistentMap
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ (merge-with adjoin this other))
+ IPersistentSet
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ (into-set this other))
- (and (set? left) (map? right))
- (into-set left right)
+ ISeq
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ (concat this other))
- (seq? left)
- (concat left right)
+ IPersistentCollection
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ (into this other))
- (coll? left)
- ((if (coll? right) into conj) left right)
+ Object
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ other)
- :else right))
+ nil
+ (adjoin [this other]
+ other))
(defn pop-if
"Pop item off the given stack if (pred? item) returns true, returning both the item and the

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