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#!/usr/bin/env python3
__license__ = 'MIT'
import base64
import toml
import json
from urllib.parse import quote as urlquote
from urllib.parse import urlparse, ParseResult, parse_qs
import sys
import argparse
import logging
key = b'\x00' * 16
# this is siphash-cffi
from siphash import siphash_64
siphasher = lambda b: base64.b16encode(siphash_64(key, b))
except ImportError:
# this is siphash
from siphash import SipHash_2_4
siphasher = lambda b: SipHash_2_4(key, b).hexdigest()
CARGO_HOME = 'cargo'
def rust_digest(b):
# The 0xff suffix matches Rust's behaviour
digest = siphasher(b.encode() + b'\xff').decode('ascii').lower()
logging.debug("Hashing %r to %r", b, digest)
return digest
def canonical_url(url):
"Converts a string to a Cargo Canonical URL, as per"
logging.debug("canonicalising %s", url)
# Hrm. The upstream cargo does not replace those URLs, but if we don't then it doesn't work too well :(
url = url.replace("git+https://", "https://")
u = urlparse(url)
# It seems cargo drops query and fragment
u = ParseResult(u.scheme, u.netloc, u.path, None, None, None)
u = u._replace(path = u.path.rstrip('/'))
if u.netloc == "":
u = u._replace(scheme = "https")
u = u._replace(path = u.path.lower())
if u.path.endswith(".git"):
u = u._replace(path = u.path[:-len(".git")])
return u
def load_cargo_lock(lockfile='Cargo.lock'):
with open(lockfile, 'r') as f:
cargo_lock = toml.load(f)
return cargo_lock
def generate_sources(cargo_lock):
sources = []
cargo_git_sources = []
metadata = cargo_lock['metadata']
for package in cargo_lock['package']:
name = package['name']
version = package['version']
if 'source' in package:
source = package['source']
if source.startswith("git+"):
revision = urlparse(source).fragment
branches = parse_qs(urlparse(source).query).get("branch", [])
if branches:
assert len(branches) == 1, f"Expected exactly one branch, got {branches}"
branch = branches[0]
branch = "master"
assert revision, "The commit needs to be indicated in the fragement part"
canonical = canonical_url(source)
reponame = canonical.path.rsplit('/', 1)[1]
hash = rust_digest(canonical.geturl())
shortcommit = revision[:8]
cargo_git_source = {
"canonical": canonical.geturl(),
"branch": branch,
"rev": revision,
git_sources = [
"type": "git",
"url": canonical.geturl(),
"commit": revision,
"dest": f'{CARGO_CRATES}/{name}',
"type": "shell",
"commands": [
f"git clone --bare {CARGO_CRATES}/{name} {CARGO_GIT_DB}/{name}-{hash}"
"type": "shell",
"commands": [
# FIXME: This is an ugly workaround for imap-proto,, which has workspaces in Cargo.toml
# The correct solution is to parse Cargo.toml.
# Then, however, we get very close to implementation details s.t. it seems smarter to patch cargo instead of
# reverse engineering its behaviour.
f"if test -d {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}/{name}; then "
f"mv {CARGO_CRATES}/{name} {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}.bak; "
f"cp -ar --dereference --reflink=auto {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}.bak/{name} {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}; "
f"rm -r {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}.bak; "
'type': 'file',
# FIXME: Vendor is hard coded
'url': "data:" + urlquote(open(("vendor/" + f"{name}/.cargo-checksum.json"), 'r').read()),
'dest': f'{CARGO_CRATES}/{name}', #-{version}',
'dest-filename': '.cargo-checksum.json',
"type": "shell",
"commands": [
f"echo rm -r {CARGO_CRATES}/{name}/.git",
# FIXME: Cargo does not copy .git/ and some other files
sources += git_sources
key = f'checksum {name} {version} ({source})'
if key not in metadata:
print(f'{key} ({source}) not in metadata', file=sys.stderr)
checksum = metadata[key]
print(f'{name} has no source', file=sys.stderr)
logging.debug(f"Package for {name}: {package}")
sources += [
'type': 'file',
'url': f'{CRATES_IO}/{name}/{name}-{version}.crate',
'sha256': checksum,
'dest-filename': f'{name}-{version}.crate'
'type': 'file',
'url': 'data:' + urlquote(json.dumps({'package': checksum, 'files': {}})),
'dest': f'{CARGO_CRATES}/{name}-{version}',
'dest-filename': '.cargo-checksum.json',
'type': 'shell',
'commands': [
'for c in *.crate; do tar -xf $c; done'
cargo_sources = {
'crates-io': {'replace-with': 'vendored-sources'},
'vendored-sources': {'directory': f'{CARGO_CRATES}'},
for cargo_git_source in cargo_git_sources:
# FIXME: Make those a proper attrib
canonical = cargo_git_source["canonical"]
branch = cargo_git_source["branch"]
revision = cargo_git_source["rev"]
key = canonical
value = {
"git": canonical,
"branch": branch,
# "rev": revision,
"replace-with": "vendored-sources",
cargo_sources[key] = value
'type': 'file',
'url': 'data:' + urlquote(toml.dumps({
'source': cargo_sources,
'dest': CARGO_HOME,
'dest-filename': 'config'
return sources
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('cargo_lock', help='Path to the Cargo.lock file')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--output', required=False, help='Where to write generated sources')
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.output is not None:
outfile = args.output
outfile = 'generated-sources.json'
generated_sources = generate_sources(load_cargo_lock(args.cargo_lock))
with open(outfile, 'w') as out:
json.dump(generated_sources, out, indent=4, sort_keys=False)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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