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Major changes in 0.6.13

  • The command line arguments for install/update/uninstall changed

    These used to take an application id and an optional branch name as
    two arguments. This meant you could not specify multiple apps
    to install in a single command. So, instead of having the branch
    as a separate argument we now support partial references.
    If you only specify an id we try to match the rest as best we
    can depending on what is installed/available, but if this
    matches multiple things you have to specify more details.

    For example you can use:

    • org.my.App//stable - Any compatible arch, stable branch
    • org.my.App/x86_64 - x86-64, look for available branch
    • org.my.App/x86_64/stable - exact reference

    This means install/update/uninstall can now install multiple apps
    in a single operation.

  • Application runtime depencenies are checked/downloaded

    Whenever you install or update an application we check that the
    required runtime is installed. If not, we check if it is available
    in any configured remote, and if found asks the user if/where to
    install it from. If it is not found, the install/update fails.

    You can mark remotes as --no-use-for-deps, which means flatpak will
    never search for runtime dependencies in such remotes. This makes
    the dependency search faster if you have app-only remotes.
    It is recommended that app-only .flatpakrepo file define this
    by specifying NoDeps=true.

  • remote-add and install --from now supports uris

    This means you can install flatpakrefs and flatpakrepos in a
    single command like so:

  • flatpak run can now launch a runtime directly

    For example, "flatpak run org.gnome.Platform//3.22" will launch a shell
    inside a sandbox with the gnome 3.22 runtime and an empty /app.
    This is useful for development and testing.

  • included bubblewrap was bumped to 0.1.3 which has a security fix

  • Support for defining the default branch per remote

  • remote-add/modify: --update-metadata pulls current title and default branch
    from remote summary file

  • Applications can now list a set of URIs that will be downloaded with the
    application. The app can then extract these and use as a part of the
    application data. This is useful for applications using freely downloadable
    parts that can't be redistributed elsewhere.

  • flatpak-builder: Support --finish-only and --allow-missing-runtimes

  • flatpak-builder: Support app layering

    An app can define a "base" application which is used for the initial
    content before the application is built. This way applications can
    be built in a layered fashion.

  • dbus proxy: The filtering has been tightened up

  • build-finish: Now exports icons for themes other than hicolor too

  • There is support in the app metadata for generic policies.

    These are read and propagated and supports overriding, but are
    not otherwise interpreted by flatpak. They can be used by other
    host services as static permissions for the application.

  • Support for extensions directories

    In addition to using a runtime as an extension, Flatpak apps can now use regular directories in
    ~/.local/share/flatpak/extension and /var/lib/flatpak/extension For example, if you create a
    directory called org.freedesktop.Platform.GStreamer.MyPlugins/x86_64/1.4
    there it will be used as a source for gstreamer plugins for all
    runtimes based on the freedesktop 1.4 runtime.

$ sha256sum flatpak-0.6.13.tar.xz 
3729102e979ed4ceded3d9fe5dd96ee77d83e1daf8d0dcda3bb61d64f94d0106  flatpak-0.6.13.tar.xz