Release 0.8.0

@alexlarsson alexlarsson released this Dec 20, 2016 · 1728 commits to master since this release

Major changes in 0.8.0

This is the first release in a new series of stable releases called 0.8.x. New features will be added to 0.9.x, and only bugfixes will be backported to 0.8.x. The featureset of this release is a good base to
target if you're creating flatpaks that should be widely usable.

This release technically requires only OSTree 2016.14, and it build fine with this, but we recommend using OSTree 2016.15, because of the change in how it verifies the checksums of commits in delta files.

  • Flatpakrepo files now support a RuntimeRepo= key which points to
    a flatpakrepo file. This means the user don't have to manually
    configure a remote for the runtime, just reply to the prompt
    to automatically do this when installing the app.
  • We now support dependencies when installing bundles. This includes
    required runtimes, related refs, and the equivalent of RuntimeRepo.
  • The support for OCI in flatpak has been updated to the latest
    OCI spec version, and support has been added to directly install
    flatpak applications from an OCI image.
  • In flatpak install, the --from and --bundle options are now optional
    if the argument has the correct suffix (.flatpakref and .flatpak)
  • Flatpak install now supports -y to let you avoid interactive prompts.
  • build-finish: We now export mime type files with the right name.
  • build-finish: New --require-version option let you specify a particular
    version of flatpak, and older version of flatpak will not install
    or update to the new version.
  • build-sign: Allow signing all apps by omitting the id.
  • Fix regression in the document portal when adding named files.
  • build-import-bundle now signs the commit if you specify a gpg key.
  • Flatpak now reads configuration from /etc/flatpak/installations.d
    which lets you support multiple system-level installation paths.
    These can be accessed with new --installation=... arguments to
    most of the commands.
  • flatpak-builder: Support --jobs=N to limit parallel builds
  • flatpak-builder: Patch source got new options property that lets
    you pass arguments to patch.
  • flatpak-builder: New generic "buildsystem: type" option that
    replace the (now deprecated) "cmake: true" option. This
    supports "autotools", "cmake" and "meson".
$ sha256sum flatpak-0.8.0.tar.xz 
5b082065c9921308305845f99b0facbc9b85a93e3d7553fd238824190294aacd  flatpak-0.8.0.tar.xz