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Changes in 1.0.4

  • Flatpak 0.99.1 removed the inheritance of permissions from the runtime due
    to concerns with dynamic app permissions. Due to popular requests, this
    version re-introduces such inheritance, but does it instead at build time.
    This solved the issues with dynamic permissions while still allowing runtimes
    to have default permissions. Apps can disable this by passing
    --no-inherit-permissions to build-finish.
  • The sandbox now always includes a /etc/timezone file, following the (old)
    debian standard for this. This is needed, because the more modern way
    of exposing the timezone name by having /etc/localtime be a symlink
    into /usr/share/zoneinfo doesn't work when exposing the host timezone.
  • All apps now have automatic permissions to own their own app id as a
    subname of org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.
  • We now properly re-load remote state in FlatpakTransaction if the
    metadata was updated for the remote.
  • The signature of the FlatpakTransaction::operation-done signal was wrong
    in the header and has now been corrected to the signature that is actually
  • A crash was fixed when reading invalid .flatpakref files.
  • A crash during updates when a local ref was unexpectedly missing was fixed.
  • An error case on uninstalling was incorrectly returning success even
    thought there was an error.
  • flatpak_installation_modify_remote did not correctly save the nodeps state.
  • flatpak_installation_load_app_overrides() was improperly returning freed
  • The tarball now ships with an icon (flatpak.png).
$ sha256sum flatpak-1.0.4.tar.xz 
a0fbc3203f2e58b32cb99c7128f00863b74f327f053c6e48f60f4234cdc73bf4  flatpak-1.0.4.tar.xz