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@alexlarsson alexlarsson released this Mar 27, 2019 · 138 commits to master since this release

This release fixes CVE-2019-10063.

It has been discovered that the previous fix for CVE-2017-5226, which uses
seccomp to prevent sandboxed apps from using the (dangerous) TIOCSTI ioctl
was only incomplete on 64bit arches. This is now fixed.

  • seccomp: Only compare the low 32bit of the TIOCSTI ioctl args.
  • Support multiple nvidia cards on the machine
  • Fix support for systems where XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is /var/run which is a symlink
    like gentoo.
  • Fix potential crash when updating apps.
  • flatpak list --arch now works correctly again.
  • Update translations
$ sha256sum flatpak-1.2.4.tar.xz 
1b6539d94d31e571661a2545cfcece7ec9267b4e2552e3cc0f617f4790f6c3e1  flatpak-1.2.4.tar.xz
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