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@alexlarsson alexlarsson released this Nov 27, 2019 · 90 commits to master since this release

Changes in 1.5.1

The major new feature of this is the support for protected applications and the system
around authenticting downloads to it. This is not considered stable yet, but this release
has the initial work to make it possible for developers to play around with this. I
will send out a separate mail about this later.

Other changes:

  • Flatpak now bundles bubblewrap 0.4.0, and requires 0.4.0 to use the system bubblewrap.
  • Optional support for parental controls using libmalcontent.
  • Transaction now installs extensions before apps to ensure we have a working app immediately after install.
  • Changes in temporary file use makes flatpak run work better in low disk space situations.
  • flatpak enter now works without sudo, and works better in general.
  • New features for the flatpak portal:
    • Support starting a sub-sandbox with the child processes visible in the original sandbox.
    • Support adding some kinds of permissions to sub-sandboxes
  • New commands flatpak permission-set and permission-remove
  • flatpak install CLI now always shows what kind of operations everything is.
  • libflatpak now returns apps as updatable if doing so would auto-download missing extensions or runtimes.
  • new API: flatpak_transaction_get_no_(deploy|pull).
  • We can now store locale info in the extra-languages key (in addition to the country code).
  • remote-ls and list --app-runtime now only shows apps, no runtimes.
  • Stop using mirror refs and delete any useless mirror refs you might have in your repo.
  • Fix busy-loop regression in revokefs-fuse in 1.5.0
$ sha256sum flatpak-1.5.1.tar.xz 
4dc2c2f83c27822758031e030097e7547f4c1155a10c295a23baf10fab462a9a  flatpak-1.5.1.tar.xz
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