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Planning and design pages for Flathub, a build and distribution service for Flatpak.

Long writeup with background and motivation: https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xdg-app/2016-August/000378.html

High-level goals

  • Allow developers to build their apps using an online service
  • Allow developers to conveniently distribute their apps without having to maintain their own repository
  • Allow users to find all the latest Flatpak apps from one place
  • Provide users with a trusted source for apps: no malicious apps, expectation that all apps are official and from the application author.

UX Design

Technical Design


  • How many machines / vms do we need for this ?
  • How much bandwidth do we expect this will need ?
  • Do we need per-user quotas and / or other mechanisms to prevent abuse ?
  • Who do we need to contact for access to machines ? Alex knows the current build machines for flatpak / continuous
  • What about ongoing monitoring / maintenance ? How does this work for continuous and the current flatpak build infrastructure ?

Naming conventions

  • Source branches will be named source/APP_ID/BRANCH
  • json files should be required to be named APP_ID.json

Build system considerations

  • vms per user ? per build ?