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First topic: flathub payments

Summary: its complicated, we could take some lessons from elementary and ship it all out to stripe.

We currently just have donate buttons

Various other options to look at: snap store

Elementary does not make any amount of money on their apps

First step: ubuntu-style 'pay as much as you want'

A slider is nice

Second topic: 3rd party outreach

Idea: reach out to gog and see if they would be introduced

We probably need to set up an example of how to set up your own repository

Third topic: testing

Alex is interested in more testing for flatpak itself and portals

We also need to test apps

A good first step would be to get a screenshot of each app after it is built

The freedesktop sdk already does something like that with a demo app

openqa is being recommended

Fourth topic: Scalability

Flathub uses a lot of refs in a single repo, which causes some scalability problems

First idea by Alex: Split summary file by architecture

Fifth topic: runtime maintenance

We should fix open cves in the 1.6 freedesktop runtime, get kde and gnome runtimes rebased to 18.08, and then push for everybody to move to 18.08-based runtimes.

Sixth topic: exporting directories

Open questions: do symlinks work ? do we expose too much ?

Alex says this is complicated - you could bind mount after the fact, but only if you keep privileges in the sandbox pid 1, which would be bad.

This is an often-requested feature. Research needed.

Next topic: staging/test builds in flathub

Alex wants a service that builders upload bundles to, which then imports the bundles into a repo.

The service could do a bunch of things, like sign, trigger qe, batch updates to summary files...

Other topics

Add qt to freedesktop runtime: conclusion: just add the lts qt version

Use fs-verity in OSTree: it is really interesting, and Alex wants to do it.

We want a tools extension point for ides that need extra stuff

There is a request to have an extension point for gtk modules

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