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libportal - Flatpak portal library

libportal provides GIO-style async APIs for most Flatpak portals. You can find the documentation here.

Getting started

libportal uses Meson to build its projects. To install Meson on your system, follow the Getting Meson instructions. If your system is missing a dependency, Meson will tell you which one. How you install your missing dependencies is up to you.

Build libportal

The first time you build libportal, give meson a directory to build into; we recommend _build:

meson _build

Then use ninja to build the project, pointing it to your build directory:

ninja -C _build

For subsequent builds, you only need to use the ninja -C _build command.

Passing options

libportal includes Meson build options for components that can optionally be built. After first running meson _build, you can view the available options with:

meson configure _build

To change an option, re-configure the project:

meson configure _build -Dportal-tests=gtk3

You can also pass in options right from the start, e.g. with:

meson _build -Dportal-tests=gtk3

Then build:

ninja -C _build

Optional components


To generate test binaries, set the portal-tests option to any combination of gtk3, gtk4, or qt e.g. -Dportal-tests=gtk3,gtk4,qt. Then run the desired test binary, e.g.: