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A plugin for Domoticz, the open source home automation software, which allows it to easily connect to Xiaomi Mi Flower Mate devices. To be noted : it may also works for other sensors than Xiaomi like E-Greetshopping ( or others that are compliant with Android Flower care App for instance (

These are Bluetooth LE plant monitoring devices which cost about 12 dollars. They last up to a year on a coincell battery, and measure moisture, temperature, light and conductivity.

The plugin creates a special switch. Toggle the switch to get fresh data from all sensors. By having a switch to poll for new data, it becomes easy to create timers and other fun integrations in scripts. Remember that frequent polling results in draining batteries of the devices.

The plugin also creates for each sensor 4 devices :

A Temperature device for the air temperature read from the sensor
A Moisture device for the soil humidity percentage read from the sensor
A Light device for reading the number of Lux from the sensor
A Conductivity device for reading the "soil fertility" from the sensor (micro Siemens by centimeter)

The plugin now also has an "automatic" mode, where it will do a bluetooth scan for devices everytime Domoticz starts, and automatically add new devices it finds.


Detailed installation instructions can be found on the Domoticz wiki:

Discussion about the plugin can be found here:

Installation (short version)

Install the plugin as usual. See:

You also need the Bluepy library to be installed.

sudo python3
sudo python3 -m pip install bluepy

Alternatively, you can use apt-get, but might install python 3.5 as well. If you are trying to stay on python 3.4, use the wget method above.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip libglib2.0-dev
sudo pip3 install bluepy

In automatic mode, the plugin will do bluetooth scans at startup, and integrate any Mi Flora Devices it finds.

In manual mode you can select which devices to add by entering their mac addresses on the hardware page. To find your Flower Mates' mac-addresses do a bluetooth scan:

sudo hcitool lescan

Thanks to

This plugin builds on the work by Daniel Matuschek, who created a great library for the Flower Mate devices.

It also builds on the original domoticz script created by Tristan:


A plugin for Domoticz, the open source home automation software, which allows it to easily connect to Xiaomi Mi Flower Mate devices








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