Flattr add-on for Firefox
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Flattr add-on for Firefox

The Flattr add-on for Firefox enables easy discovery and flattring of flattrable pages you visit in your browser.

The add-on asks the Flattr API whether a page is flattrable or not by sending the URL of the page to the thing lookup resource - the results are cached in the browser for a while for increased performance. The add-on respects private browsing and disables checking when that's on. For details regarding the privacy of this add-on refer to the Flattr privacy policy.

How to build

This add-on uses Mozilla's Add-on SDK. Download that and install it accordingly.

When you have installed the Add-on SDK you need to add the dependencies for this add-on. We need the Urlbar Button module and the ShowForPage module so download those and add it to a packages/-folder within this addon - this is the way you add third party modules that an add-on uses.

Once you have added the dependency you can download this add-on itself and run it and build it the way you like. Check the Add-on SDK Getting Started tutorial to find out how that is done.

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  • Updated addon to work with Firefox 29, mostly achieved by including new versions of dependencies (Urlbar Button 0.6.0 and ShowForPage 0.2.2)


  • Updating addon to work with SDK 1.14


  • Updating addon to work with SDK 1.13b1


  • Shows flattr count in icon.
  • New icon with the lovely Flattr colors.
  • Checks link-tags for data that can identify a flattrable page. Both rel-payment and rel-canonical links are checked.
  • Checks for flattr-data after a page has been loaded - if a useful link-tag is added to a site not yet detected as flattrable then that can identify it as flattrable.
  • Shows rel-payment data in privacy mode as it requires no API-lookups.