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Kami - solr queries made simple


To make a simple query, just call the find method, passing the fields and values you want to retrieve

from kami import Kami
kami = Kami()
kami.find(title='Mein Teil', artist='Rammstein')

This will format and execute the query. To see the query mounted by kami, call the raw_query attribute

kami.find(title='Mein Teil', artist='Rammstein').raw_query

This will return something like that

'title: "Mein Teil" AND artist: "Rammstein"'

It is also supported to specify more than one value for each field

from kami import Kami
kami = Kami()
kami.find(title=('Mein Teil', 'Foo'), artist='Rammstein')

That will result in the following query

'title: ("Mein Teil" OR "Amerika")'


To exclude a field value from the search, use the exclude method

from kami import Kami
kami = Kami()
kami.exclude(title='Mein Teil')

And the resulting query

'NOT title: "Mein Teil"'

Nesting methods call

Kami allows to nest method calls, so you are able to perform nested calls, e.g.

kami.find(title='Mein Teil').exclude(album='Mutter')

That will form the following query

'title: "Mein Teil" AND NOT album: "Mutter"'

Running tests

Use the make target test to run all tests. e.g.:

$ make test


The test discovery uses built-in unittest2 auto discover, thus, to be able to use it, you must be running python 2.7