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Dockerized Shiny App

This is the Dockerized Shiny App Wordcloud

This Dockerfile is based on Debian "testing" and r-base image.

The image is available from Docker Hub.


To run this Shiny App on your computer:

docker run --rm -p 80:80 flaviobarros/shiny-wordcloud

and it will avaliable at or http://localhost

You can run the container at other ports. It can happen that there is some service running at PORT 80, as Apache ou Nginx. To run the app at PORT 3838 for example, you can use:

docker run --rm -p 3838:80 flaviobarros/shiny-wordcloud

Intented usage:

This project can be used as a start point to build any dockerized shiny app that could be distributed at any server running docker. Possible use cases are:

  • Deploy a single Shiny App at AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure or a private server with docker.
  • Deploy Shiny Apps at a docker based PaaS as dokku.

Building your own Shiny App:

After developing your Shiny App, you will need two files for deployment: ui.R and server.R. Then:

  • Remove all files from folder mypp (these files are from Wordcloud example) and put your files there, ui.R and server.R
  • Build a docker image with:
docker build -t yourname/yourappname .

At this poit you will be able to run your app, just like Wordcloud.

Deploy with a docker based PaaS

If you have a PaaS with Dockerfiles support, like Deis or Dokku, you can git push this image. I just wrote a post with further instructions: Git pushing Shiny Apps with docker and dokku

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


This project is not an alternative Shiny Server. It exposes PORT 80 (not 3838) and is intented to serve only single shiny apps.