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base = ""
style = dsyntax("Add style sheet link in place.",
''(''link(rel: "stylesheet", type: "text/css", href: `location))
html(xmlns: "", lang: "en") (head
(title "#{`data[:title]}")
meta(charset: "utf-8")
link(href: "#{`base}atom.xml", type: "application/atom+xml", rel: "alternate", title: "Blog Atom Feed")
link(rel: "shortcut icon", href: "#{`base}favicon.png", type: "image/png"))
(body(class: "highlight post")
(h1 "#{`data[:title]}")
(div "#{`data[:content]}")
a(href: "") "Home"
" | "
a(rel: "index", href: "") "Blog"
" | "
a(href: "") "Code")))
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