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PictureTags is a new kind of gallery program for android devices, modelled around tags rather than albums or folders.


  • Tag tags as well as pictures
  • Import and export your pictures and tags in a smart archive format
  • Basic smart tags: Recently Added, Recently Modified, Starred, Untagged
  • Fullscreen image view
  • Different views for landscape and portrait orientation
  • Custom shortcuts; make a shortcut straight to a tag
  • Fullscreen tag browsing: see the subtags, supertags and neighbour tags of a tag all at the same time
  • Single tap an image to see its name in an overlay; tap again to turn this off
  • Search for tags both in app and in the Android integrated platform search

Future Development

We are working on a number of new features for the next releases.

  • Automatic EXIF tag reading
  • More smart tags
  • Image Deduplication
  • Mass move and edit of tags and images
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