A small tool to run nim files as executables without explicitly invoking the compiler or littering $PWD.
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A wrapper around the Nim compiler to allow for easy scripting of Nim. Puts all temporary files in a temporary directory and cleans up after itself.

This script is implemented in shell. If you'd like a pure Nim implementation, check out Jeff Ciesielski's nimr, which can be installed by just running nimble install nimr!


  1. Download the script from here and add it to your path.
  2. Use it in one of the following ways:
    • add #!/usr/bin/env nimrun at the beginning of your script
    • execute the nim file with it, for example, nimrun file.nim args

Possible future extentions:

  • cache compilation results for a while
  • configurable temporary directory
  • allow for custom nim c parameters