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This is an unofficial build of BSPSource built from the codebase maintained in this repository, which was forked from the latest official commit ata4/bspsrc@6dba955.

Several community-based patches submitted as pull requests to the official repository have been incorporated into this version. These include several fixes and improvements by gitRihi, as well as a few minor fixes by Flavrans.

Improvements and changes compared to the official 1.3.24 version

  • Rewritten areaportal and occluder to brush mapping system. (ata4#46, ata4#57) (gitRihi)
  • Added support for CS:GO grenade and drone clip tool textures, which would appear as nodraw tool textures. (ata4#48) (gitRihi)
  • Added fix/support for the blocklight tool texture, which would appear as nodraw tool textures. It has been tested to work with CS:GO, Portal 2, Garry's Mod and Black Mesa maps. (ata4#48, ata4#58) (gitRihi)
  • Added support for the newer CS:GO static prop lump version 11, which supports the 'uniformscale' attribute for static props. (ata4#49) (gitRihi)
  • Fixed 'Render in Fast Reflections' of static props not being set correctly for CS:GO. (ata4#54) (gitRihi)
  • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException when decompiling maps without entity lump. (ata4#61) (gitRihi)
  • Added better static prop support for Black Mesa to maintain compatibility with maps made for older versions of Black Mesa. (ata4#63) (Flavrans)
  • Updated file pattern for Black Mesa in appdb.xml to include Xen and multiplayer maps for better auto detection of Black Mesa maps. (ata4#64) (Flavrans)
  • Fixed a minor bug where the brush sides list in info_overlay entity blocks would have a space delimiter before the closing quotation mark. (ata4#65) (Flavrans)
  • Fixed a minor bug where displacements having the DISP_INFO_FLAG_HAS_MULTIBLEND flag set would have this flag written to the flags property along with the displacement surface collision flags. (ata4#66) (Flavrans)
  • Added a 'Fix tool texture alignment' feature that will realign all tool textures on their brush faces. It fixes the issue where some tool textures would appear stretched in the decompiled map. This is caused by the fact that texture axis (UV) information for tool textures is not preserved in the BSP, since this information is irrelevant to the engine. The information read from the BSP often results in an invalid or nonsensical UV for tool textures. (2440a8b) (Flavrans)
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