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Main business logic will be declared in standard Schematron and XSLT. how to say: it’s out there in the open, declarative language

Step 1: Validation

Step 2: PREMIS to PiM

Step 3: PiM to PREMIS

Part 4: Any File to PREMIS


Development Issues

  • things that BP allows but don’t convert cleanly will either be a warning or brought before the PREMIS community.
  • pathological cases (like above) will be codified as test fixtures to establish a determinate behavior.
  • GAP analysis & error handling
    • any conversion input must be valid (by some validation method)
      • if input is invalid a 400 class response is produced with information about why it is a bad request.
    • any conversion output must be valid (by some validation method)
      • if conversion output is invalid but input is valid then 500 class server error is produced and details saved for developers. this case is what we hope to minimize.