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using iso schematron in ruby and shell

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ISO Schematron

Ruby gem for validating XML against schematron schema

Uses ISO Schematron version: 2010-01-25


% gem install schematron

Command line example

% stron my_schema.stron my_xml_document.xml

Ruby API example

# overhead
require "libxml"
require "schematron"

include LibXML

# load the schematron xml
stron_doc = XML::Document.file "/path/to/my_schema.stron"

# make a schematron object
stron = stron_doc

# load the xml document you wish to validate
xml_doc = XML::Document.file "/path/to/my_xml_document.xml"

# validate it
results = stron.validate xml_doc

# print out the results
stron.validate(instance_doc).each do |error|
  puts "#{error[:line]}: #{error[:message]}"

Copyright © 2009-2010 Francesco Lazzarino.

Sponsored by Florida Center for Library Automation.

See LICENSE.txt for terms.

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