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Vim script
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me: Hi everyone, my name is Franco and I'm addicted to colorschemes

everyone else: Hi Franco

Vim colorschemes

one stop shop for vim colorschemes.

this is harvested from only colorschemes downloaded in a single .vim file are included.

for hacking on harvesting see the branch prep.


Basic install - very simple (*nix or cygwin install)

mkdir ~/.vim
git clone ~/.vim

if you use vim + pathogen

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add bundle/colorschemes

if you use vim + vundle

" add to .vimrc
Plugin 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'

if you aren't so clever just get all the files in colors/*.vim into ~/.vim/colors

# after downloading; unpacking; cd'ing
cp colors/* ~/.vim/colors


To change the colorscheme of Vim, add to your .vimrc:

colorscheme nameofcolorscheme

For example, to change the color scheme to wombat:

colorscheme wombat

To change to Molokai:

colorscheme molokai

Inside Vim, you use:

:colorscheme molokai

Previewing colorschemes

There are quite a few colorschemes in this. To preview them on your live code inside of Vim, checkout this page from the vim wikia and this repo for easy installation.

Something missing? Fork!

fork this repo; send a pull request!; I'll take it!

I'm a slave to aesthetics. If you are too, I hope this helps.