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Updated version of NZBGet Post-processing Extension script "NotifyPlex", because the initial maintainer seems to be inactive.
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Post-processing script for NZBGet.

This script will inform a targeted Plex to refresh/update the library upon successful download and send a GUI Notification to Plex Home Theater.


  • Download the newest version from releases page.
  • Unpack and move "" into your pp-scripts directory.
  • Open settings tab in NZBGet web-interface and define settings for NotifyPlex.
  • If using VideoSort or other Sort/Rename Scripts, run NotifyPlex after those scripts have sorted/renamed your files.
  • Save changes and restart NZBGet.

For further information and history, please read the original forum thread.

Issues and suggestions

If you experience any issues or have suggestions for changes and enhancements, please use the GitHub issue tracker.


The Python code follows the PEP 8 style guide. Please check your code with autopep8 before submitting a PR.

The needed configuration is provided in the file .pep8 and automatically recognized by autopep8.

Be sure to update README, CHANGELOG and Script-Version if necessary.


This script was originally published by mannibis in 2014 on the official NZBGet Forum.

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