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Irssi Revolving Door

Summarizes multiple consecutive joins/parts/quits/nick changes in a single channel by tracking them in a single line, increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in any channel and easily allowing you to see at a glance the current state of all changes to a channel's member list since anyone last spoke.


Turns this:

11:38:28 -!- david [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:47:14 -!- sarah [] has joined #talk
11:50:14 -!- marco [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
11:52:45 -!- robin [] has quit [Quit: robin]
11:53:07 -!- robin [] has joined #talk
11:53:50 -!- harold [] has joined #talk
11:54:02 -!- courtney [] has quit [Quit: courtney]
12:02:54 -!- marco [] has joined #talk
12:19:18 -!- harold is now known as harold|afk
12:20:00 -!- sarah [] has quit [Ping timeout]
12:20:31 -!- marco is now known as marco_

into this:

Joins: harold|afk -- Quits: david, courtney -- Nicks: marco -> marco_

But there's data loss!

Yes. Consider it lossy compression. Do you really need to see all those masks and quit messages, anyway?

Installation and usage

  1. cd ~/.irssi/scripts && wget
  2. In irssi, run /script load
  3. Want to autorun? ln -s ~/.irssi/scripts/ ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/