A script to automatically update cloned repositories.
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# Repository Updater: a script to automatically update cloned repositories.

Allows updating to the latest version of the default source for as many
different cloned repositories as there is in a specified directory.

This script will not attempt any merge operation with the latest version
pulled from the source as it is expected to be used with cloned
repositories that aren't used for development. Although this document
refers to cloned repositories, this script also support SCMs that do
not allow complete repository cloning, such as Subversion.

Supported SCMs: Git, Mercurial and Subversion.

# Usage

Presuming you've cloned the Git repository of this script into the
directory "~/repos/repository_updater/", simply run
"./repository_update.py repositories_parent_directory" with the
repositories' parent directory as the first and only positional argument.
In this example, since the all of the cloned repositories reside in the
parent directory of this script, you would run
"./repository_updater.py .." to update the repositories that are
located in "~/repos/some_directory/".

Call the script with "--dry-run" to see which commands would be run and in
which directory without actually updating the repositories. This can also
be used to get an idea of which SCMs are used for the projects you cloned,
and how many projects are using each of them.


Q: How can I add support for another SCM?
A: Simply add the SCM's in the "supported_scm_repositories" dictionary.
   The key being the folder located at the root of the cloned repository
   (such as ".git"), which will be used to determine the type of SCM of
   the repository. The value will be a tuple of the commands required to
   update to the latest version. You can also specify a tuple of tuples of
   commands if it requires multiple commands. It should be trivial if
   you take example on the SCMs that are included in this script. I will
   gladly accept a patch which adds support for SCMs.